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Pickering Brook Primary School has continued to serve the local area for just over 100 years. It was one of the first schools in Western Australia to be involved in the local selection of staff. From 1998 onwards, all staff within the school have been selected on merit. The school community has been involved in this selection process.


In the late 1990's parents were given a greater choice in which school their children could attend and this has had a significant impact on our school. In 2006 over 50% of our students came from outside the local area. Many parents choosing to travel significant distances and pass other schools to have their children attend Pickering Brook Primary. The parent support of our school has always been and continues to be quite outstanding.


In 2001 we started our kindergarten programme with one child. The facilities that we gained can be seen in the form of our purpose built Kindergarten and pre-primary classrooms and playground. The junior area of the school has continued to grow.


Although the intake area of Pickering Brook Primary School has widened, the general ethos of the school has remained the same. This is a "small country-like school" that is very much "owned" by the school community. The parents are very involved in the school which provides a high standard of education for its students.


Our current enrolment is very pleasing and to see students attending the school who are second, third and even fourth generation families is a true indication of the heritage of this wonderful place we call home: Pickering Brook!

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