Our 2021 Classroom Structure

Pickering Brook Primary School has the following classroom structure.

  • Kindergarten/Pre Primary/Year 1 - Room 1

  • Year 2/3 - Room  3

  • Year 3/4 - Room 6

  • Year 5/6 - Room 7

We currently have 94 students enrolled at our school.

After School Clubs

Bicycle Club

Bike Club is held each Tuesday from 3.15pm until 4.30pm.  The club is open to students in Years 4-6.

Gardening Club

Gardening Club is held on Monday afternoons from 3pm until 4pm and is open to all students.  Students interested in participating are to gather outside Room 4 after the bell.


Under the provisions of the Education Act, daily attendance of pupils in Pre-Primary to Year 6 is compulsory. All absences must be explained in writing to the class teacher and notes should be signed and dated by a parent or guardian. Medical or dental appointments, illness or unavoidable family holidays are acceptable reasons for absence. Any holidays which are taken during the term should be discussed with the Principal prior to departure.



The opportunity to purchase books through Scholastic Bookclub is offered once per month during school terms. Mrs Emma-Louise Hamill is our volunteer Bookclub Coordinator. Your order with payment needs to be brought to the office before the due date. Cheques are to be made payable to Pickering Brook Primary School as all the cash and cheques are banked by the school. You may pay by credit card by filling in the appropriate section on the order form.

School Bus

The school has a bus service for students who live in Carmel, Bickley, Lesmurdie and Kalamunda. The bus driver is Mr Roy Waters. See the school office for details.

Car Park Procedures

To ensure the safety of all students the following procedure should be adhered to when entering and leaving the car park. All cars are to enter through the western entry point of the car park. All cars are to exit via the eastern or far end of the car park. There is a one-way drop off zone at the front of the school for quick drop off and drive through only - enter from McCorkill Road. This is the school bus area and there is to be no extended parking in this zone before 9am and between 2.45 - 3.10pm. Please keep the area in front of the large blue bin in the car park clear.


To enrol a student at our school parents initially complete an "Application for Enrolment" form. The enrolment is accepted based on class sizes and availability of suitable educational programmes. Parents are reminded that a child's Birth Certificate and Immunisation Record needs to be sighted at the time of enrolment.


Excursions are organised throughout the year as part of the student's educational programme. Costs are kept to a minimum if possible. Details of the excursion and a permission slip are sent home with each student. It is a requirement of the Department of Education that each child attending an excursion returns a signed permission slip to school. It would be greatly appreciated if all money and permission slips were returned to school by the date indicated on the note.


Pickering Brook Primary School has two factions: Weston (red) and Hadley (blue). Students are placed in a faction with their siblings. Students are allocated to factions based on maintaining even numbers in age groups and teams. If you have a strong preference for one faction, please let the school know. Students participate in Faction Sports in third term.

Guidance & Support Programs


The School Psychologist visits the school every second week. After consultation with parents, teachers may refer individual children to the School Psychologist for testing. Parents may also request a referral, through the Principal, for their child if severe academic, behavioural or emotional problems have become apparent.

School Chaplain - Thursday and Friday each week.

Letters & Sounds Literacy Support Program

Letters and Sounds is a systematic approach for teaching children to read using phonics. It is an evidence-based program developed in England, and is now recommended by the WA Department of Education (DoE). The Letters and Sounds Program is split into six phases, from starting to learn about sounds at Kindergarten level to becoming fluent readers around age 7.


Traditionally, children were taught letter names like ay, bee, sea from the start. However, letter names don’t always represent their pronunciation – examples include double u or em – and this might confuse children when they try to pronounce words made up of these letters.


The phonic approach encourages us to directly link letters (graphemes) to sounds (phonemes), and to teach children pure sounds like ah, b, k when encountering the alphabet. So, children learn how to put sounds represented by letters or letter groups (like ch or igh) together to read words in a more straightforward way.


Over the past two years, we have been conducting a Letters and Sounds intervention program successfully with small groups of students, or with one-to-one teaching, who have gaps in their phonic capabilities. We have appointed a Letters and Sounds Teacher, who delivers lessons and also provides professional learning for teachers and education assistants, who support the teaching of the intervention program. Teachers in PP-Year 2 are delivering the Letters and Sounds Program to their whole class on a daily basis.

Health - School Nurse

School children are given a complete medical examination during either Pre-Primary or in Year 1 by the School Nurse. Throughout the primary years, sight and hearing are checked at regular intervals. A routine vision screening is conducted in Year 6.

Health - Dental Therapy

The Dental Therapy Unit is based at Lesmurdie Primary School in Sanderson Road, Lesmurdie. Each child, with the parents' or guardians' permission, has his/her teeth checked at least once per year. Minor treatment is carried out when necessary. This treatment is free of charge for school aged children up to Year 11 of High School. Appointment cards are mailed to the school and distributed to the relevant children. Parents are responsible for taking their children to and from appointments.


The Dental Therapy Unit is open during the school holidays at times advertised in the school newsletter. Please phone the Dental Therapy Centre with any queries on 9291 6808.


Individual classroom teachers have their own policy on homework. If you have a query about your child/children's homework, please make an appointment to see the teacher concerned.

Illness at School

Parents are advised to not send their children to school when they are unwell.


When a child is ill, parents are contacted to collect their child from school.


Please ensure that the school has an up to date address and phone number to enable us to contact you during school hours if necessary. Please leave the name of a friend or relative to be contacted if a parent is unavailable.


Children must not leave the school during school hours unless they have permission from their teacher.


Pickering Brook Primary School offers "Italian" to students in Years 1 to 6 as our Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Program. We have a specialist teacher of Italian who comes to the school once a week.


Pickering Brook Primary School accepts students who turn four years of age before 30 June into our Kindergarten. Kindergarten students attend three full day sessions per week.

Leaving School Grounds

Between the hours of 8.30am and 3.00pm your children are our responsibility, and whilst in our care, they must not leave school grounds without a school pass and the teacher's permission. If, for example, a child has a medical appointment, please obtain a school pass from the front office and inform the teacher. Children will not be permitted to wander from school under any circumstances.


All children are able to borrow books from our school library. Books must be returned by the due date. If books are lost or damaged you may be required to reimburse the school for these items. Please encourage your child/children to read their library books at home and to keep them in good condition.

Lunch Arrangements

Children should bring their lunch from home every day, except Friday when children have the opportunity to order from Yvette's Place (formally Pickering Brook General Store) if they wish. A menu is available from the school office or clicking the link below. Write your name, class and order on lunch bag (available in school office) and enclose money. Please place lunch orders in the basket in your room before school.  Click here for current menu.

Naming of Articles

A "Lost Property" box is maintained in the foyer. Please check the box to claim any lost items. Loss can be kept to a minumim if parents ensure that every article of clothing and property are named. Any unclaimed, unnamed uniform items will be donated to the second hand uniform box at the end of each term.

Pupil Free Days

Pupil free days are scheduled during the year. These days are set aside for staff planning and professional development. See Term planners.

Pupil Requirements

Booklists are organised through a chosen provider at the end of each year.  Students are required to have all text books listed on the book list.  As some stationery items last more than one year, you are encouraged to cross off items that your child already has.

Please note that items such as ball point pens, pencils, coloured pencils, erasers, rulers, scissors, glue etc are to be re-supplied by parents during the year as they are required.

Reporting to Parents

Term 2 - DoE Summative Report (Semester 1)

Term 4 - DoE Summative Report (Semester 2)

School Rules

Refer to BMIS Policy.


Most of our children behave well, both in and around the school.  To ensure that our students can continue their studies safely and without interruptions we have school rules that are reinforced with students in each class.

Each teacher has strategies to manage the behaviour of students.  The Principal deals with incidences of bullying or serious behavioural matters.

Visits by Parents and Parental Involvement

Parents are welcome to visit the school to discuss matters regarding their children with either the class teacher or the Principal.  To save disruptions to the normal class routine, parents are asked to arrange visits in advance.  The period before school is most important for teachers to prepare work for class.

Parents involvement is an integral part of the school program and therefore parents' assistance is most welcome.  Please remember to sign in at School Admin if you are helping out in the classroom.