Our Year 6 students are true leaders. At the end of each year they go through a nomination process that sees students voted-in by staff and their peers for leadership positions such as faction leaders and student councillors. All Year 6 students work across the year in committees to bring about positive change and to get important jobs done around the school.

Environment Committee

Student leaders undertake activities to care for the environment including rubbish collection days, recycling programs and promoting positive habits.

Activities Committee

These students run and promote student activities such as sporting competitions (basketball, football, netball), coordinating games (such as tennis-racket t-ball), and board game sessions.

Monitors’ Committee

This group of students take responsibility for lots of the little jobs around the school, such as raising and lowering the flags ringing the bell, organising assemblies.

Social Justice Committee

These students identify charitable activities that benefit groups in the wider community, and also undertake activities to benefit students within the school.

Student councillors and faction leaders represent the school at events and act as role-models to other students.